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  • Bruno Lima

High-end Travel Experiences

Imagine that one day a mysterious scroll reaches your hands. There are numbers, math symbols and illegible handwritten notes on it. Imagine there is a magical and secret formula that a wizard let fall through the Middle Ages and now, for some mysterious reason, you alone have the ability to interpret it and put it into practice. Imagine that for one day, you can be one of those ancient alchemists who could turn lead into gold. Captivated by this idea of turning the ordinary into extraordinary, we bring you the High-End Travel Experiences division of ALCHEMY DMC. Travel is changing and, we aren’t afraid to embrace it. We put change and transformation at the very heart of our company and built it into our Alchemist’s code. Our team focus on transforming a well-planned trip into a life-enriching experience that sophisticated travelers will never forget. Our goal is to take different elements of nature, culture, community and local art and turn them into memorable and moving encounters as valuable as the most precious of metals. As with everything, the human touch is the element that adds the magic. A special meal shared with a local family, a festivity celebrated within its community, harvest rituals with the winegrowers in Mendoza, a day spent as a real gaucho or a tango evening with a huge surprise are just some of the intimate moments our travelers will have the privilege to access. Our definition of luxury isn’t just about the best hotels and food, it’s about creating special moments. We put authenticity at the forefront of everything we do, offering detailed and personalized itineraries with your clients needs in mind. We cater for the sophisticated, well-travelled customer who appreciates the finer things in life, as well as the most extraordinary options available.

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